Data Use

For acknowledgement of Firecast data and imagery:
We acknowledge the use of data and imagery from the Firecast system operated by Conservation International with funding provided by NASA.

When specifically referencing the MODIS and VIIRS Active Fire data please acknowledge LANCE:
We acknowledge the use of active fire data from the Land Atmosphere Near-real time Capability for EOS (LANCE) system operated by the NASA/GSFC/Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) with funding provided by NASA/HQ.

Also visit NASA’s data use policy page here.

When specifically referencing the VIIRS Active Fire data for Madagascar please acknowledge AFIS:
We acknowledge the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Meraka Institute for providing access to products from the Advanced Fire Information System (AFIS).

Please cite publications related to each product as follows:

MODIS Active Fire
Giglio, L., J. Descloitres, C.O. Justice, Y. Kaufman 2003. An enhanced contextual fire detection algorithm for MODIS. Remote Sensing of Environment 87:273-282.

VIIRS Active Fire
Schroeder, W., P. Oliva, L. Giglio, I.A. Csiszar 2014. The VIIRS 375 m active fire detection data product: Algorithm description and initial assessment. Remote Sensing of Environment 143:85-96.

Fire Season Severity
Chen, Y. et al. 2011. Forecasting Fire Season Severity in South America Using Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies. Science 334(6057):787-791.

Online maps and reports

Conservation international Firecast, 2013. Active Fire Detections. Maps and reports available on-line [].