Special Focus: Amazonia
Firecast is a forest and fire monitoring and alert system for the tropics
Firecast uses satellite observations to track ecosystem disturbances such as fires, fire risk conditions, deforestation, and protected area encroachment, and delivers this time-sensitive information to decision makers through email alerts, maps, and reports.

Fire risk alert for the SW Amazon on September 31st, 2012
We aim to support in-country needs focusing on strengthened forest surveillance and monitoring, fire management and prevention, protected areas management, and sustainable land use planning. Near real-time monitoring from Firecast also provides invaluable information on ecosystem status and trends for targeting and implementing conservation efforts and measuring the success of those interventions.
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Fire risk is used by the national conservation organization Fundaҫion Amigos de la Naturaleza (FAN) in Bolivia, which provides education & outreach on fire risk conditions to indigenous and Mennonite communities in Santa Cruz.

Photo by John Musinsky

Park officials for the Gunung Leuser National Park in Indonesia use active fire alerts for targeted patrolling of the 3,061 sq miles (7,927 km²) park. Hundreds of arrests of encroachers conducting illegal activities are made each year.

Photo by John Musinsky

A district officer is analyzing four months of fire activity in the Alaotra-Mangoro region of Madagascar. CI engages key institutions responsible for in-country monitoring and managing of national parks.